Brick Stencils  For Stucco and EIFS
Ours are better because:

  • Other stencils leak into the grout joints, so touch-up is a big problem. Not with ours. There is minimal to no leaking.

  • Thicker, so they look more authentic.

  • Manufactured from foam plastic – not paper.

  • Will not break off the corners of the bricks when you remove them.

  • More friendly shape (43”L x 32”W) and more footage (9.55 sq. ft.) per stencil gives you more production.

  • They do break when you take them off, but that is by design. It is quicker because you don’t have to worry about the corners breaking.

Video Example
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Finished Examples






$597.50 - 50 stencils per box.*

*478 square feet per box

Ours are less expensive and up to 50% cheaper and better quality.

That's up to .75 cents or more cheaper per foot

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